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Recently Registered Publications

Progress in High Resolution Chopper Spectrometer HRC by improving collimator and Fermi chopper, Itoh et al., Physica B 568, 76-80 (2019)
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Neutron scattering studies of static and dynamic correlation lengths in alkali metal borate glasses, Kojima et al., J. Non-Cryst. Solids 518, 18-23 (2019)
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Magnetic states of coupled spin tubes with frustrated geometry in CsCrF4, Hagihala et al., npj Quantum Materials 4, 14 (2019)
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梯子型鉄系化合物 BaFe2S3 における圧力誘起超伝導, Yamauchi et al., 固体物理 54, 27-42 (2019)
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Sinusoidally modulated magnetic structure of Kramers local moments in CePd5Al2, Onimaru et al., J. Phys.: Condens. Matter 31, 125603 (2019)
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Newly Arrived Reports

Neutron diffraction study on the Yb3Ru4Al12 itinerant kagome antiferromagnet
Geometrically frustrated spin systems have been studied extensively for decades because of many intriguing phenomena, exemplified by the non-magnetic quantum disordered states. Despite a large number... Read Report
Neutron diffraction study on the Pd-Ga-Tb 2/1 quasicrystal approximant
Quasicrystal is a substance with long-range quasiperiodic atomic arrangement, nonetheless, with the rotational symmetry that is prohibited in the periodic crystals, such as the five-fold symmetry. Th... Read Report

Most Downloaded Reports

Magnetic Structure in the Shastry-Sutherland Lattice TmB4
Rare-earth tetraborides RB4 have a tetragonal crystal structure with a space group P4/mbm which is characterized by the 2-dimensional orthogonal dimers in the c-plane. Such dimer systems are equivalen... Read Report
2D-SANS Pattern Observed for Injection Molded Isotactic Polypropylene
Recently we have successfully demonstrated time-resolved Small-angle neutron scattering (SANS) measurements for observing melting behavior of injection molded isotactic polypropylene (iPP) using deut... Read Report
Structure analysis of trehalose dihydrate by neutron diffraction
alpha,alpha-trehalose dihydrate is a non-reducing disaccharide, and very attractive from both academic and practical points of view, such as an additive for long term storage in food and pharmaceuti... Read Report
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Some Selected Papers Published in 2002

Magnetic Correlation of the Spin Ice Systems
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Magnetic Structure of Ce(Ni1-xPdx)2Ge2 Proximate to the Magnetic Instability
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Neutron Diffraction Study of Magnetic Structure of the Heavy Fermion Antiferromagnet Ce(Ni1-xRhx)2Ge2
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Microscopic Magnetic Properties of (V1-xTix)2O3 near the Phase Boundary of the Metal-Insulator Transition
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Peculiar Difference in Distribution of Electrons and Nuclei of Hydrogen-Bonded Hydrogen Atoms in MeHPLN
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