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Recently Registered Publications

梯子型鉄系化合物 BaFe2S3 における圧力誘起超伝導, Yamauchi et al., 固体物理 54, 27-42 (2019)
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Sinusoidally modulated magnetic structure of Kramers local moments in CePd5Al2, Onimaru et al., J. Phys.: Condens. Matter 31, 125603 (2019)
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Controlling the stoichiometry of the triangular lattice antiferromagnet Li1+xZn2−yMo3O8, Sandvik et al., J. Solid State Chem. 271, 216-221 (2019)
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Spin correlations of quantum spin liquid and quadrupole-ordered states of Tb2+xTi2-xO7+y, Kadowaki et al., Phys. Rev. B 99, 14406-14406 (2019)
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Precision polymer network science with tetra-PEG gels—a decade history and future, Shibayama et al., Colloid Polym. Sci. 297, 1-12 (2019)
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Newly Arrived Reports

Magnetic structure of Spin S=1/2 linear trimer system Na2Cu3Ge4O12
Low dimensional quantum spin systems attract much attention. In particularly, the frustrated quantum spin systems due to geometrical arrangement or competing interactions are expected to exhibit vari... Read Report
Magnetic order in the pseudo-spin-1/2 pyrochlore antiferromagnet Na3Co(CO3)2Cl
Pyrochlore antiferromagnets exhibit rich magnetic structures, quantum phases and critical phenomena such as non-collinear spin structures, spin-liquids, spin-ices, and spin-glass transitions [1]. A... Read Report

Most Downloaded Reports

Phase Transitions of Non-Kramers Pr Ions in a Trigonal Symmetry in Pr4Ni3Pb4
%%%%%% %8: body %%%%%% Multipolar degrees of freedom often play an important role in 4f electron systems. Non-Kramers ions such as Pr^{3+} and Tm^{3+} possess multipolar degrees of freedom other t... Read Report
Magnetic Properties of Honeycomb System Na2Co2TeO6
Na2Co2TeO6, has Co2TeO6 layers, consisting of edge-sharing CoO6- and SbO6-octahedra with Na layers between them. The Co2+ ions are considered to have high spin state S=3/2. For this system, polycrysta... Read Report
Neutron Diffraction Study of Magnetic Transitions in M2(OD)3X
Recently we found a new geometric frustration system Cu2(OH)3Cl and Co2(OH)3Cl with a 3-dimensional network of corner-sharing tetrahedrons of the Cu2+ and Co2+ spins, respectively 1-3. We found coexis... Read Report
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Some Selected Papers Published in 2008

First-order transition in the weak ferromagnetic state of (ErNi211B2C)
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Phonon Dynamics of Type-I Clathrate Sr8Ga16Ge30 Studied by Inelastic Neutron Scattering
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Structure and Dynamics of Protonic Conductor K3H(SeO4)2 Studied by Neutron Diffraction and Scattering
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フラストレート磁性体 Ho3Al5O12 のスピン相関
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Ga-substitution-induced single ferroelectric phase in multiferroic CuFeO2
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