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Recently Registered Publications

LiNbO3‑Type InFeO3: Room-Temperature Polar Magnet without Second-Order Jahn−Teller Active Ions, Fujita et al., Chem. Mater. 28, 6644-6655 (2016)
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Muon Spin Relaxation and Neutron Diffraction Studies of Cluster-Glass States in Sr1-xLaxRuO3, Kawasaki et al., J. Phys. Soc. Jpn. 85, 54701 (2016)
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Magnetic Reversal of Electric Polarization with Fixed Chirality of Magnetic Structure in a Chiral-Lattice Helimagnet MnSb2O6, Kinoshita et al., Phys. Rev. Lett. 117, 47201 (2016)
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Thermal stability and irreversibility of skyrmion-lattice phases in Cu2OSeO3, Makino et al., Phys. Rev. B 95, 134412 (2017)
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Impact of minute-time-scale kinetics on the stabilization of the skyrmion-lattice in Cu2OSeO3, Reim et al., J. Phys.: Conf. Ser. 828, 12004 (2017)
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Newly Arrived Reports

Subunit dynamics of alpha-crystallin under crowding condition
In-vivo environment is highly crowded due to the presence of proteins, nuclear acids, and lipids, constituting the conditions of so-called “crowding”. One of the representative organs attaining h... Read Report
Field-induced magnetic correlations in chiral lattice semimetals Ce3Co4Sn13 and Ce3Rh4Sn13
Electronic correlation phenomena have been central topics of solid-state physics. In the case of f-electron systems, the c--f hybridization effect has been a key issue. In addition, topological nature... Read Report

Most Downloaded Reports

Slow proton dynamics in porous coordination polymer MIL-53
The development of high-performance proton conductors is of great importance for hydrogen storage and fuel cell technology. We have developed proton conductors based on porous coordination polymers (P... Read Report
Neutron scattering in Ba2MnGe2O7
Ba2MnGe2O7 is an ideal 2D square-lattice antiferromagnet (AFM) with Mn^{2+} spin of S=5/2. The crystal structure is tetragonal with space group P-421m, a = 8.4952 AA, and c = 5.5256 AA. From t... Read Report
Magnetic structure of square lattice antiferromagnets A2MGe2O7
Recent theoretical study on the square-lattice antiferromagnet with integer spins predicts the existence of Higgs mode in the excitation spectrum [1]. Among vast number of the model compounds, A2M... Read Report
Neutron spin echo measurements on the iron-based ladder compound BaFe2Se3
Since its discovery, research on iron-based superconductivity (SC) has become the main stream in condensed matter physics. To gain further insight into the mechanism of SC and variation of magnetism, ... Read Report
Magnetic State in the Tm-based Reentrant Superconductor Investigated by the Powder Neutron Scattering
The Tm-based reentrant superconductor Tm5Rh6Sn18 exhibits superconductivity at T_mathrm{c} = 2.2 Kcite{Tm1} and reentrant behavior between 1.0 and 1.45 kOecite{Tm2}. From the muon-spin rotation/relaxa... Read Report
Structural analysis and Observation of Spin-Gap in Vanadium Oxide V4O9
Among various binary systems, a number of binary vanadium oxides are reported. They have been searched for and extensively studied for a long time. However there remains one binary vanadium oxide whos... Read Report
Magnetic Phase Diagram in Ba2Mg2Fe12O22
It has been recently found that a Y-type hexaferrite Ba2Mg2Fe12O22 (BMFO) exhibits a nonlinear magnetoelectric effect [1,2]. It is proposed that the conical magnetic structure at low temperatures i... Read Report
Electric Field Control of Magnetic Correlation in Multiferric Cu(Fe,Al)O2
Recently, a magneto-electric multiferroic CuFeO2, in which the ferroelectric phase shows up as a magnetic-field- or impurity-induced phase, % has been extensively investigated. % The recent experime... Read Report
Chain Dimension of Knotted Ring Polymers in solutions
Ring polymer is usually prepared by end-to-end ring-closure reaction of bifunctional polymer under extremely dilute condition. Since the reaction consists of both intermolecular- and intramolecular c... Read Report
Phonons in FCC-Fe precipitates in Cu
An fcc-Fe is stable only at temperature between 1185K and 1667K. However, Fe precipitates which are grown in supersaturated Cu-Fe solid solution retain fcc structure even at room temperature. The l... Read Report
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Small-Angle Neutron Scattering Study on Defect-Controlled Polymer Networks
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Relationship between the local dynamics and gas permeability of polyacetylenes containing polymethylated indan/tetrahydronaphtalene moieties
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SANS Studies on Catalyst Ink of Fuel Cell
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Multiscale Dynamics of Inhomogeneity-Free Polymer Gels
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